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tiger eyes

Spider - because Skimble's had a long week!

Some time ago when we first started swapping stuff I mentioned Spider and said I wanted to post it but was afraid of the spoilers. Well after your long week I wanted to post something short for you that required no real brain power (and I haven't gotten around to finishing J/S) so I read over this and removed what was spoilerish about it. Don't read too much into it, Bryan is so OOC it isn't even funny (well, actually it is), I swear, it's like I wrote my own fanfiction. As far as Kennan, yeah, that’s pretty much him…


            Kennan stalked after Bryan, hastily pushing an offending branch out of his way. Bryan had retreated into the woods near camp because Kennan had riled him again by mentioning his past. Now after a brief rise of guilt he was chasing after him.

            Damn the Gods if I know why I am following him. It would be a pleasure to me, the camp, and Daved if he would keep walking until he reached Raji. Why do I bother? He’s brought this pain on himself.

            He spun on his heel, fully intending to let the older man return on his own, when he heard an ear piercing scream.

            “Damn you, Bryan,” he muttered. “Only you would scream in the face of an enemy.”

            Swords drawn he ran in the direction of the scream, almost tripping over a fallen branch, and fully expecting to come upon an ambush. What he found was Bryan, alone back against a tree.

            “Kennan,” Bryan gasped, relief washing over him.

            Bryan?” he hesitantly inquired.

            Bryan said nothing, shaking slightly.

            Slowly Kennan sheathed the duel blades and then lowered his head to meet Bryan’s eyes, “I heard you scream, I–”

            Bryan’s arm shot forward, a single finger pointing to a nearby bush.

            Kennan followed his hand, but saw nothing, “Bry? There’s nothing there.”

            “Sp – spi – spider,” he stammered.

            Refraining from laughing, but only just, Kennan approached the bush and what could be now seen as a small, black spider, no bigger than his own thumbnail. He reached out with said thumb and forefinger to flick the spider out of Bryan’s way and then slowly turned to face him again.

            “Gods! One of the most powerful Mages in existence and you are afraid of spiders,” he chuckled.

            Bryan shot him a look, all fear gone from his voice, “Not one more word, Kennan Briars, or I will smite you from this earth.”

            Kennan grinned, “Why didn’t you just smite the spider?”


Oh, I've had a long week, all right! Yay for something short and fun to read! OMG, Kennan really is like Keiyar, in more ways than you realise (too bad it'll take you such a long time to realise why) and Bryan ... oh, that's just hilarious. *snickers* The screaming made me giggle like hell...

Why didn't he just smite the spider? ;) Love it, just love it.

I actually think I have something to post in answer to this, in a week or so. I've been so tired this afternoon, I couldn't face editing or rewriting or anything that required brainpower, so for fun I started writing a short story about Keiyar's distant family history and another character you'll meet later in Discourse. When I finish it I'll post it for you...
I'm glad I made you laugh. I wrote this so long ago. Really it's a play on myself, I'm such a wimp when it comes to spiders.

I was telling Jason how much alike Keiyar and Kennan are and he said, 'Kennan was almost in a boy band?' He'd gotten your characters mixed up, but oddly, I guess there is a bit of Sesha in him - if Kennan hadn't been a Mage, and had his way, he would have been a minstrel. *snicker*

You know I'm always excited to see anything you post, but I'd much rather hear that you got some time out.